Two Ducks on power surge

When you looked at the 2011 Ducks, you saw a young and talented team that pushed to be in the ABL. The pitching was there, the defense was solid and it was obvious that they would only get better. Their biggest concern was power at the plate. They were able to add a few players that are supposed to help that problem. So far this spring, however, those new guys weren’t the only ones showing some pop in their bats in the first few exhibition games. Continue reading

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Unscheduled field use: Wanderers show no-mercy

(c) Joe Yun

The Vienna Wanderers, who are in charge of the softball and baseball fields at Spenadlwiese, have considerably tightened their rules regarding field time for teams and players.

Teams have to book the field in advance before using it, just as has been handled in the past. While it used to be tolerated by the club if players hit in the cages before practice, that is no longer allowed.

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Shoulder injury prevention guidelines by Christine Farnleitner

When I went through a stretch of shoulder pain a few years ago, it took me a while to seek help. When I finally did, I learned a ton of things about my shoulder that were completely new to me. Things that I thought every baseball player and especially every pitcher should know and be taught once they start playing. That’s why I asked my good friend Christine Farnleitner, who helped me tremendously with my arm, to put together a few key concepts to help others avoid shoulder problems and help those who are suffering from pain already to take the right steps. Trust me, try to learn and understand as much about your shoulder/body as you can to be able to avoid injuries. Thank you Christine for putting this together for us: Continue reading

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A’s sign German Daniel Czekalla, Gruber keeps playing

The Attnang Athletics have announced the signing of Daniel Czekalla. Czekalla has had several chances to present himself to the Club in Attnang and their fans with his old team, the Bad Homburg Hornets. He was a member of the 2009 Hornets squad, when they won the tournament thanks to his heroic performance throughout the entire tournament, and his game winning hit in the final game that secured him the MVP award for the tournament. Continue reading

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Schwaz Tigers add Adam Sowell

As expected, the Schwaz Tigers were able to fill their foreigner spot with a quality player who has played all positions except for catcher. Continue reading

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Team Red with comeback win

Clemens Seiser getting ready to close out the game for his team

Just as it is custom in the military to split your own squad into two and assign them with colors to identify them, the Ducks split up their squad into team red and team black. The difference between military exercises and Saturday’s game: Team red and team black played with real “bullets”, using Wilson A1030 baseballs. Continue reading

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Diving Ducks announce start time for intra-squad game Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day

The Diving Ducks have revealed more details about their Saturday afternoon intra-squad game.

Team strech is set for 1:30 pm CET and the game starts once the teams have been set and pitchers are ready to go, aproximately 2:15 pm CET.

All ABL pitchers will see some innings, facing ABL as well as Farmteam players.

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